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Relax, we have you covered.

Our Producers, Directors, Cinematographer and Videographer’s understand the nuances of each shoot and we apply that experience to deliver every client the optimum image for the best dollar. Whether it’s a four-camera live studio shoot, or a single camera film style shoot for a commercial spot, we bring whatever it takes to get that A+ result.

Commercial Production Rates
Wedding Production Rates
Pricing Structure

• 1 Minute Video -  $1,495.00

• 2 Minute Video - $2,295.00

• 3 Minute Video - $2,895.00

• 4 Minute Video - $3,695.00

• 5 Minute Video - $4,495.00

Wedding Film Production Services
  • Wedding ‘Essentials’ Film Production Package

  • Complete coverage of your ceremony and reception

  • Two camera operators at your ceremony and reception

  • Filmed in 1920×1080 HD Video

  • Interviews with the bride, groom, family and guests filmed generally at reception

  • An edited highlight reel of your wedding day (generally 3-5 minutes)

  • Uncompressed Digital version of your Wedding Video (very high quality)

  • Compressed Digital version of your Wedding Video (for streaming on YouTube/Social Media)

Budget: Only $2,495.00


• Consultation with client to discuss concept and goals

• Storyboard / Script Concept Consultation

• Scout / Location Consultation


• Up To Two Videographers for Live Shoot
• Travel and setup included

• Recording with LAV and Studio Microphones

• Interviews

• Maximum 2 - 3 hours of filming at locations

• B-Roll of Facilities

• HD/2K/4K Footage

Post Production

• Footage Color Grading Correction

• Custom Titles & Digital Transitions

• Animated Graphics Package

• Licensed Music Track

• Advanced Sound Design / Sound Effects

• 2 Minor Additional Edits at No Charge

• Client supplied broadcast file

Extras Available

• 1 hour on-site Assist with Makeup - $75.00

• National Voice-over - $225.00

• Per Additional Revisions - $345.00

• Creation of shot list and storyboard planning - $105.00

• Encoded final production to specified media - $75.00

Pre-Wedding Film Productions
  • Proposal Film
    Budget: $295.00

  • Engagement Party Film
    Budget: $495.00

  • Rehearsal Dinner Film 
    Budget: $495.00

  • Film Bridal Preparations and Groom Preparations prior to ceremony.
    Budget: $295.00

  • Extra Day(s) of Coverage (multiple days are common in some cultures).
    Budget: $1,795.00 per day for up to 8 hours of coverage

  • Third Cameraman
    Budget: $495.00 for Day

‘Special’ Wedding Day
  Additional Productions
  • Aerial footage of your wedding. (Fair weather conditions apply)
    Budget: $495.00

  • Live Streaming! We will stream your wedding and reception anywhere in the world so family can tune in a watch your wedding live! You can have 1 person or hundreds tune in.
    Budget: $495.00 (both Locations must have internet steaming services)

  • 30 EDITED STILL PHOTOS captured from video footage, not captured by your photographer.
    Budget: $295.00

Trusted Wedding Production Partners
  • Create a ‘Your Wedding’ website

  • Photographer

  • Make-Up

  • Clothier

  • Disk Jockey

  • Limousine

  • Licensed Wedding Officiant

Tell us what you’re looking for. Yes, someone will write back.

Please email all inquiries directly to Jocelyn at

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